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Who We Are

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Anthony Williams

Partner | CEO

Anthony Williams, owner of Cosmic Ray Media, has a clear vision for the future of local small business, which propels his devotion to each and every project he touches. He is driven to create a network of like-minded people who are passionate about business growth, innovation, community service, and sustainability. He is a recording artist at heart and a regular attendee of Monday night family dinners.




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Brandon Kistler

Partner | Creative & Experiential Director

Brandon Kistler has an extensive background as a business owner and advertising/marketing specialist. His most recent work as an Experiential Project Manager, including projects with Fortune 500 clients such as Samsung, Playstation, Oculus, and LiveNation. He also enjoys playing video games with his son.


Cosmically Aligning 

Bringing together businesses (non-profits and for-profits) in the name of growth, innovation and community service. Providing a wide array of marketing and event services for our clients. Just some include website creation, partnership facilitation, email marketing, influencer marketing, analytics, content creation, branding, and social media management. We strive to help our clients establish the best digital footprint possible for their brand. In the process, we turn those footprints into concrete local partnerships, creating one-of-a-kind experiences for the community.

A Look At Our Branding

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