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NüBrew Case Study 2019


NüBrew Case Study 2019

We designed the NüBrew campaign to not only benefit the community of craft beer enthusiasts but the breweries themselves. NüBrew is digitally driven but built to create unique in-person experiences for the winners and to spark additional creativity in the craft beer industry. Our goal was to bring beer drinkers closer to the breweries they know and love and introduce them to the ones they were not yet aware of.


.01 - Social Media Campaign:

We used eye-catching graphic design to build anticipation for the upcoming campaign involving Moksa Brewing, Crooked Lane Brewing, The Monk’s Cellar, Burning Barrel Brew Co., Claimstake Brewing Co., and Cosmic Ray Media. These graphics were posted on Instagram and Facebook to generate curiosity for what was to come. They were also used during the campaign to announce specifics and build further buzz in the community.


.02 – Creating Tangibility:

Entrants were required to come up with a new beer style and a name for their new beer. Encouraging the community to get creative and further add to the art of craft brewing. Each brewery picked one winner to receive a $50 gift card to each of the participating breweries, a tour of each brewery, and merchandise from each brewery. The Monk’s Cellar, Claimstake, and Burning Barrel even brewed the beer that was created by the winner they chose. Not to mention the beers were all delicious! We are big fans of craft beer ourselves, so we thought it would be really special to provide the community with the chance to create a brand new beer and the opportunity to visit each of the awesome breweries that were involved with the campaign.


Through this process, we created a melting pot of beer drinkers who could appreciate any of the breweries who they may not have heard of, and further connect with the ones they already know and love. We wanted to create a campaign that truly benefitted everyone.

.03 – Analytic Insights:

Throughout the contest, each brewery acquired new page likes and followers on their Facebook and Instagram pages. We used our data software to track the progress of their social media growth to determine how the social media posts and overall campaign was affecting their presence online. All of the breweries saw steady growth throughout the campaign and spikes in reach and impressions on the days that we collectively posted.


.04 – Community Engagement:

To conclude the project, we met with each winner to congratulate them and deliver their brewery $50 Gift Cards. We thoroughly enjoyed the process of connecting with all of the partnered breweries and the surrounding community on this campaign! We hope to put on other beer-related events in the future that will bring people together and benefit the awesome businesses in the greater Sacramento region & community.

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