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Delta Farm, LLC

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Delta Farm Case Study 2019

When we first met Nina (Managing Member of Delta Farm, LLC) she told us she needed a new website,  help  with managing her social media profile and assistance with content creation. She also wanted to plan and coordinate events at her farm. After learning more about the incredible work and community of consumers she had already built, we found that there was substantial opportunity for continuous sustainable growth. Through further consultation, campaign creation, and a fully rebuilt website, we were able to bridge the gap between her farm and new consumers in the surrounding area.

Initiative: Web design/Collaborative Consultation/Social Media Content Creation and Consultation/Email Campaign Creation & Execution



Approach: Simplify the process by which potential customers and members of the community discover and learn about the sustainable farm practices that Delta Farm has to offer through social media, website, and email campaigns.

I. Custom Website Build

After a thorough review of Delta Farm’s current website, we discovered that much of the information was scattered about and difficult to understand/navigate through. There was lots of good information about the farm, but it was simply tough to locate, even if you were genuinely interested in what they had to offer. We organized the information on the site to make it clear and concise as well as easy to locate. We also integrated descriptions and specific information within each product to provide details. The buyers process was also jumbled in the sense that there was no clear path to find these specific products or collections of products. We defined the buyer’s journey and made its starting point accessible from anywhere on the site, thereby streamlining the overall experience. We also helped to unify the brand representation

and aesthetic of each page to be consistent and appealing for the visiting audience of local farmers and members of the community.

II. Simplifying The Buyers Process

We identified only the key information that Nina wanted to retain on the site so that we could complete an organizational overhaul and begin to establish the customers journey. On Delta Farm’s new site, we turned the homepage into a clear landing page that provided visitors with two main options guiding them to shop for feed or shop for food. We also highlighted a few popular products to provide an even quicker option for the buyer. We turned her feed page into a collection of the various types of feeds offered; poultry, livestock, and whole grain. Each collection has different options available by quantity and by size. Each product now has a “learn more” option that can help the buyer make informed decisions. We also implemented a straightforward way for customers to contact the farm and ask questions should they have any trouble finding what they are looking for, as well as unique forms for those interested in participating in the livestock share program or farm tours. With all this in mind, streamlining the buyers process was imperative for the company and these strategies helped provide steady revenue month to month.

III. Creating/Re-Branding Digital Presence

Aside from the structural components, we conducted a photoshoot in order to not only provide a professional look for the site, but to also capture the fun-loving vibe of the farm. These images were used as web assets, for product images, background pages, marketing materials, and to create an aesthetic that was consistent with the brand image. This aesthetic would be used to rebrand the farm’s entire presence online including social media posts as well. We incorporated posts about the new websites grand launch, its ease of use, ability to purchase products through the store and about the happenings on the farm to display a personal touch from Nina herself. We also arranged and secured a radio spot on Kahi Radio in Auburn, CA. Nina, her feed vendor, (Kaniksu) and a few local satisfied customers. FarmsGiving was a fun family event in November of 2019 that featured delicious pork sliders, games for kids, a feed

showcase, and multiple other local farm vendors. We helped design, coordinate, and market this customer appreciation event to her customers and their families, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and email blasts to her subscribed list. Attendees expressed their enjoyment and appreciation for the gathering and Nina’s efforts in her community, contributing to the longevity of her brand.

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